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These are some of the tools and questionnaires I am trained to use, to help confirm diagnosis. You or you and your child might be given one of these forms or test during the first visit or a follow up appointment:


WAISS symptoms check list

This helps give a general view on detectable psychological difficulties.


BDI (for over 13s)

This screens for depression, it contains 21 multiple choice questions.


SNAP IV (for under 18s)

This is usually filled out by parents and teachers it helps screen and confirm ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and conduct Disorder. It contains 91 questions.


ADHD self-rating scale (for over 14s)

This screens for ADHD in Adults, it contains 18 questions about symptoms.



This screens for autism. It involves several activities such as reading a book and playing etc. It also consists of a series of structured and semi-structured tasks that involve social interaction between the clinician and the patient.



This screens for autism. It is a computerized structured parental interview, regarding the early stages of your child’s life. It measures both symptom intensity and comorbidity across the autistic spectrum.



This screens for major sleep disorders affecting children in the 2- to 18-year old range.



This is a specific scale that focuses on Obsessions and Compulsions in children.


Young Mania Scale

This scale assesses when the mood is excessively high.



This helps screen for strange experiences that your child might be having, such as voices in their head or unusual thoughts.



Diagnostic Tools I Use