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Definition of Depression


Depression can mean sad or miserable. However, when this does not go away and a person’s mood worsens, after about 2 weeks it can be deemed as depressed in the medical sense. Depression can be brought on by life changing events such as a death in the family, parents’ divorcing and or a change in body chemicals. People think that depression is only an adult condition; however depression can affect as much as 4% of the child population.



Signs and Symptoms of Depression


There are many signs of depression:



Loss of appetite.

Withdrawn from friends

Loss of interest

Irritability, anger, lashing out episodes


Dark thoughts such as self-harm or suicidal ideation



Treatment of Depression


Depression is very treatable, and usually involves either CBT or medication such as anti-depressants, or a combination of the two.


Depression Diagnosis

Your Depression Pathway

An initial 1.5 hour assessment will be required.


During this time your doctor will cover the points below:

Pharmacological treatment may be required ONLY if in agreement.

30 minute follow ups will be dependent on treatment and as and when necessary depending on severity.

If Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or family therapy is necessary a referral will be made.