Phone call to discuss your enquiry

  • All enquiries are discussed via a phone call with our Referral Manager (Rebecca) to ensure our centre is the best fit for the patient.

  • Follow the online booking form below to book a date/time slot of your convenience to receive this phone call.

Extremely Limited Availability

  • Due to exceptionally high referral volumes, enquiry phone call slots are released as follows:

Mondays at 8am - Slots released for Thursday

Tuesdays at 8am - Slots released for Friday

Wednesdays & Thursdays - No slots are released

Fridays at 8am - Slots released for Monday

Saturdays at 8am - Slots released for Tuesday

Sundays at 8am - Slots released for Wednesday

NOTE: There are occasional exceptions to the above schedule due to staff training events. Our admin office is open 9am to 5:30pm from Monday to Friday.

If no availability...

  • If you do not find any availability below, this means that all available slots have already been booked and we would therefore kindly ask that you check our website again at a later date.

  • We are unable to respond to any individual requests made via email or phone call requesting for additional telephone slots to be released.