Phone call to discuss your enquiry

  • All enquiries are discussed via a phone call with our Referral Manager (Rebecca) to ensure our centre is the best fit for the patient.

  • Follow the online booking form below to book a date/time slot of your convenience to receive this phone call.

*** PLEASE READ *** Thursday 11th August, 2022 *** UPDATE ***

  • Our doctors are providing assessments during this summer period, however due to admin staff annual leave and reduced capacity to hold these enquiry phone calls, we are currently only holding these enquiry phone calls with those whom are seeking an assessment specifically before Friday 2nd September, 2022 (inclusive). 

  • If you seeking an assessment date for beyond Friday 2nd September we kindly ask that you do not book an enquiry phone call (below), and that you instead visit our website again from Saturday 27th August onwards to book an enquiry phone call, as from that date we will release enquiry phone call slots for Tuesday 30th August and onwards.

  • Please be kindly advised that if you do still choose to book an enquiry phone call (below) but yet you are not seeking an assessment date prior to Friday 2nd September, that your enquiry phone call may be cancelled or rescheduled until after Tuesday 30th August.

  • We kindly appreciate your understanding during this summer period and look forward to speaking with you.