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Diagnosis & Treatment

Initial Assessment


Our assessments are tailored to each individual patient and their needs, during our assessments, the clinician may cover several of the below points:

  • A general assessment with questions on current issues, including questions on possible triggers, predisposing and perpetuating factors that impact on present issues.

  • A neurodevelopmental history may be sought, this may then include questions about family, birth, early years and a detailed history of any current (or previous) medication and medical conditions.

  • Our clinician may enquire about any possible fears, low moods, risky or aggressive behaviours.

  • Therapeutic advice may be suggested, potentially including psychological therapy.

  • Medication may be discussed, and a treatment plan started only if necessary and relevant consent obtained.

  • Pharmacogenomic testing can be offered to patients who request it, in order to help guide the choice of any medication in cases where patients may have previously suffered any side effects.



Ongoing Review Appointments

The frequency of review appointments required by the clinician will depend on the individual patient and treatment pathway, please see below to understand how these might look.


Our clinicians are trained in the use of several diagnostic tools and questionnaires to help confirm diagnosis. You (or you and your child) may be given one or more of these questionnaires during the assessment process: Conners, WAISS, BDI, SNAP IV and a wide variety of others.


Our clinicians are also trained in the Autism diagnostic tests of ADOS-2, ADI-R and 3di.

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