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Ongoing Review Appointments

Fee includes:

  • 30 min appointment (in person or via Zoom) to review progress and treatment plan.

  • Any required prescription(s) (if applicable)

  • Bespoke letter (approx. 1 to 1.5 pages) within 3-4 weeks of the appointment

  • 60 min review appointments available £640 if you prefer

  • A review appointment must be held at least once every 12 months, see here for our Patient Discharge Policy

£320 / 30 mins
(^) Self Pay Price

1st Appointment of Assessment

Fee includes:

  • 1 hour appointment (in-person or via Zoom) with patient and relevant family members, to discuss history and presenting issues

  • Reading any relevant background reports (at the clinician's discretion this may alternatively take place after the 1st appointment and hence once the patient has been met).

  • Providing any relevant questionnaires (for completion after the 1st appointment)

  • Bespoke letter (approx. 1.5 to 3 pages) within 3-4 weeks of the appointment.

2nd Appointment of Assessment

Fee includes:

  • 30 min appointment (in person or via Zoom) to discuss outcomes from the first appointment, results of any requested questionnaires, delivering and discussing any diagnosis, outline of recommended treatment plan. Please note, a further appointment may be required depending on case complexity in order to finalise discussions.

  • Any required prescription(s) (if applicable)

  • Bespoke letter (approx. 1 to 1.5 pages) within 3-4 weeks of the appointment.

Subsequent Assessment Appointments (if required)

  • If the 1st and 2nd appointments of your assessment are being held with Dr Nicoleta Turtoi, then you will require a 3rd appointment (with one of Dr Turtoi's colleagues) before any treatment or medication can be started.

  • Depending on case complexity, and any further questions around a diagnosis or treatment plan that you wish to discuss with the clinician, further appointments may be required.

  • For a formal diagnosis of Autism, please see our dedicated webpage here. There are several further assessments which the clinician may recommend to you, such as ADI-R, 3di or ADOS-2, please note that if so, these additional assessment are an additional cost, please contact our office for more details. This fee will apply for any 30 minute Formal Autism Assessment Feedback Appointment.

£480 / 30 mins
£910 / 60 mins

(^) Self Pay Prices

Assessment Fees

£480 / 30 mins
(^) Self Pay Prices

£910 / 60 mins
(^) Self Pay Prices

During a face to face appointment

Any required prescription(s) will be free of charge if handed to you during a face to face appointment.


Outside of a face to face appointment 

£50 per request. 10 business days' notice is required. This charge covers all medication(s) requested as part of the same prescription request. Whilst medication is being titrated or if any medication is being trialled, this administration fee will be due nonetheless for any such prescription request outside of an appointment. 

Other Fees & Info

Special Letter: £200

All appointments contain a letter at no extra charge. However if you require a special letter for a specific purpose there may be an additional £200 charge e.g. for your local authority.


Interpreter & Translation Fees

Please contact us.


Medicolegal Reports

Our clinic does not offer Medicolegal reports


Late Payment Fees

We kindly require payment in full within 14 calendar days of an appointment. Otherwise the following late payment charges will be applied:

>14 calendar days after an appointment but <28 calendar days. £25 late payment fee.

>28 calendar days after an appointment. £55 late payment fee.



  • (^) A £70 surcharge fee applies to all appointments paid by a 3rd party (Insurer/School/Embassy/Employer) and is added to your appointment fee charged to the 3rd party. Covers your clinician's time to provide justifications / prognosis to them. In order to avoid this fee, you are welcome to self pay and liaise with the 3rd party directly for any reimbursement you may be due from them.

  • 3rd party appointments available if you request (e.g. with school) for which you will be charged.


Insurance Coverage

Some of our team are directly registered with some insurers. Therefore, if your insurer is listed against your clinician below, then our office can directly invoice your insurer for payment if you have provided us your insurance details.

Dr Giaroli

Drs Adamo, Kaur, Shah,  Spada & Vaquerizo

Dr Moghraby



Bupa UK & International

Cigna UK & International

Healix UK & International



Cigna UK & International

Healix UK & International




Cigna UK & International

Healix UK & International


Other Insurers / Reimbursement Basis

Otherwise, if your particular insurer/clinician combination is not listed above (or your appointment is with Dr Federico Campos or Dr Nicoleta Turtoi or Professor Paul Gringras then upon your request our office will issue you a detailed receipt after taking payment, you are then welcome to forward this receipt to your insurer to request a reimbursement (if applicable under your policy).


It is your responsibility to ensure your level of cover is adequate. Your insurer will likely require a GP referral letter to be arranged in advance of your appointment with our clinic. You are responsible for any uninsured charges. Insurers do not cover any late cancellation charges.

Self Funding Referrals

If you are self-funding then no GP referral letter is required though we encourage you to obtain one to forward us.


If you have not arranged pre-payment before your appointment, then payment will be automatically taken from your registered debit/credit card after your appointment.


We accept all major debit and credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


We do not accept bank transfers nor cheques.


Our clinic does not offer emergency appointments. In case of an emergency please attend your nearest A&E Department, attend your GP for an emergency appointment or dial '999' within the United Kingdom.

Prior to having any of these formal Autism tests, the patient

needs to have a 1 hour first appointment, see above for fee details.

Autism Diagnostic Interview (ADI-R or 3Di-sv)

Interview with caregiver(s)


Autism Diagnostic Observation (ADOS-2)

Interactive exercise with the patient

Autism - Formal Tests (Optional)

During the assessment process your clinician will discuss with you if these optional tests might be suitable in your situation.

Medication Predisposition - Optional Gene Testing

Pharmacogenomic Gene Testing                       £1,100

(helps identify the most effective medication and reduce any side effects)

Reschedule & Cancellation Policies


If you wish to either reschedule the time or date, or to cancel an appointment, then the following will apply:

- If 3 or more complete business days notice are given:   0% charge

- If less than 3 complete business days notice are given: 100% charge


Autism Diagnostic Tests

For details on our Reschedule & Cancellation Policy for diagnostic tests, please email for a copy.

Review Appointment Fees


Fees / Insurance Information

Prescription Admin Charges

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