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In line with the national clinical recommendations, monitoring of a patient via an appointment is required at least once every 12 months, to ensure safe and effective care.

How to avoid being discharged


To remain an active patient at The Giaroli Centre and not be discharged, please kindly contact our office (via email or phoning 020 7550 6222) to book a 30 minute review appointment. That review appointment must be held within strictly 12 months prior to the last appointment that was held. See here for fee information.

NOTE: Due to diary availability, we strongly encourage you to not wait until the end of this 12 month period to then contact our office to arrange this 30 minute review appointment, as there may be limited appointment availability around that 12 month mark. The national clinical recommendations of 12 months will be strictly enforced.

What does "discharged" mean?

  • It means that the patient is no longer considered an "active" patient, and as such they are unable to receive any clinical advice from our doctors via email, and also cannot receive any repeat prescriptions, until a re-joining appointment has been held.

  • A re-joining appointment is a minimum of 1 hour and is subject to our centre's waiting list, which can be 3-6 months long. The patient may potentially instead be required to hold a new assessment, depending on how long they have been discharged for and the clinical picture at that point in time.

Shared Care Agreements with GP
If a Shared Care Agreement has been arranged between our doctor and your GP in regards to repeat prescriptions, then please be kindly advised that as part of that agreement it will have been agreed that the patient is reviewed by our doctor at least once every 12 months.

In the event of any emergency, self-harm, suicide attempt or crisis, please be kindly advised that our centre does not offer any emergency service (this applies irrespective of whether a patient is active or if a patient has been discharged), and in any such instances please visit your nearest Accident & Emergency (A&E) Hospital, attend your local GP for an emergency appointment, or dial '999' within the UK for an emergency response.

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Discharge Policy

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