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Dr Giaroli Educational Speeches & Charity Work

Presented Poster: “Melissa the Chatterbox Bee”

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference

Brisbane, Australia (20 - 22 March 2023)


Presented “Unravelling the Mystery of ASD/Autism”

Manchester and Gateshead, UK (7 - 8 January 2023)


Speaker and organizer: "The effect of the pandemic on children suffering of neurodevelopmental conditions"

Jewish Menhora Association

Manchester and London (Webinar) (22 March 2021)


Speaker: "Masterclass in ADHD" 

George Still Forum: 14th National ADHD Study Day

London (20 September 2019)


Speaker: "Psychopharmacology of ASD/Autism"

George Still Forum, 13th National ADHD Study Day

London (22 September 2018)

Speaker: "ADHD: Does It Really Exist?"

South Hampstead High School, Sixth Form Students

London (16 March, 2018)


Speaker: "Anxiety in Adolescents"

St. Columba's College, Parents and Headmaster Forum

St. Albans, UK (15 March, 2018)


Speaker & Organiser: "Training in Mental Health"

Concern for Mental Health Charity and World Psychiatry Association

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Pune & Satara, India (26 February - 2 March, 2018)


Speaker: "Adolescence Depression and Suicide Prevention"

St. Columba's College, Sixth Form Students

St. Albans, UK (1 December, 2017)


Speaker: "Psychopharmacology of Medication Used For Managing ADHD"

Great Ormond Street Hospital, 2nd Annual Paediatric Conference

London (17 November, 2017)


Speaker: "ADHD & Internalising Disorders"

George Still Forum, 10th National ADHD Study Day

London (22 September, 2017)


Speaker & Panelist: "Psychopharmacology of Stimulant and Non-Stimulant Medication"

"Optimising Management of ADHD Across The Lifecourse" - Shire Conference

Manchester, Newcaste & London (8-10 May, 2017), Bristol (11 September, 2017)


Speaker: "Autism & ADHD"

What Do You Think? Conference

University College London (11 February, 2017)


Speaker & Organiser: "Training in Mental Health"

Concern for Mental Health Charity and World Psychiatry Association

Pune, India (11-13 November 2016)


Speaker: "Pharmachology of ADHD"

Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark (22-23 November 2016)


Speaker: “ADHD and Lifestyle: Sleep and Diet”

Meeting of Minds VII

Stockholm, Sweden (30 June 2015)


Panellist Member: “New Challenges For Transition In ADHD”

ADHD World Congress

Glasgow, UK (29 May 2015)


Speaker and Panellist: “Is ADHD landscape changing?: Expert panel” &

“Sleep and ADHD workshop”

Edinburgh, Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff & Birmingham (11-15 May 2015)


Advisory Board Member: International Elvanse Adult Consortium Working Group

New York City (28-29 April 2015)


Speaker: “Psychopharmacology of Mood Disorders”

Sussex Partnership Network Group

West Sussex, UK (22 April 2015)


Speaker: “ADHD and Anxiety”

Annual Icelandic Psychiatric Association Meeting,

Reykjavik, Iceland (16 April 2015)


Speaker: “ADHD and Sleep”

24th Bi-Annual Meeting of Neuroscience Interest Group

Hull, UK (17 March 2015)


Speaker: “New Challenges in ADHD”

Royal College of Physicians

London (10 Oct 2014)


International Advisory Board for Adult ADHD

Shire Pharmaceuticals

New York City (Sep 2014)


ADHD and Psychiatric Comorbidities Lilly National Meeting: Addressing the Changing Needs of Adolescents With ADHD

London (June 2014)


ADHD and Autism Hertfordshire ADHD Awareness Day

St Albans, UK (May 2014)


ADHD Training for Parents and Carers

Essex, UK (March 2014)


ADHD Training for GPs and Adult Psychiatrist

Essex, UK (March 2014)


Workshop on ADHD and Comorbidities (Conduct Disorders, Substance Use Disorders and Sleep Disorders)

Copenhagen, Denmark (Feb 2014)


Workshop on ADHD and Comorbidities (MDD, Anxiety Disorders, ASD, BD, BPD)

Copenhagen, Denmark (May 2013)


ADHD and Quality of Life: APIA

Lisbon, Portugal (May 2013)


Chair Choice and Challenges: Managing ADHD in Adolescent Years

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

London (May 2013)


Results of a Comparative Study Exploring Optimization of Pharmacological Treatment of ADHD

Belfast, UK (Feb 2013)


Speaker ADHD and Comorbidities Danish Annual ADHD Meeting

Copenhagen, Denmark (Jan 2013)


Biology and Neuroimaging of ADHD: An Overview

Annual Meeting of Regional British Paediatric Disability Association

Essex UK (Dec 2012)


Chair: ADHD National Eli Lilly Meeting

Leeds UK (Sep 2012)


ADHD and Major Depressive Disorder: Workshop on ADHD, RIBA

London (Sep 2012)


ADHD: A Head to Head Study Between MPH Slow Release

Bridgend, Wales (Sep 2012)


ADHD and the CoMeCo study

Brighton, UK (April 2012)


Chair and Speaker: Update Conference on ADHD

Kinsale, Ireland (Sep 2011)


ADHD and Anxiety

National Lilly Conference on ADHD

Dublin, Ireland (Sep 2011)


Symposium of Comparison of Medication for ADHD, Stimulant vs Non-Stimulant. UKAAN 1st International Conference

London (Sep 2011)


ADHD and Co-morbidities: Update Conference

Kinsale, Ireland (March 2011)


Psychopharmacology of Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Essex, UK (Dec 2010)


ADHD and Co-morbid Psychosis

Lilly ADHD Updates

Manchester (Nov 2010)


ADHD and Co-morbid Anxiety disorders in Adolescents

University College London (UCL) Institute of Child Health

London (Oct 2010)


Early Psychosis and Prodromal Symptoms

General Practitioner Refresher Course

London (June 2010)


"ADHD: Assessment, Referral and Treatment"

Pri Med Annual Conference for GP, Queen Elisabeth II

London (May 2010)


”ADHD and Psychosis”

ADHD Updates

London (Dec 2009)


Co-chair: The Symposium on Co-morbidity

International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (IACAPAP)

Istanbul, Turkey (April 2008)


“Asperger Syndrome Versus Psychosis – A Diagnostic Challenge”

International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (IACAPAP)

Istanbul, Turkey (April 2008)


“A Case of Resistant OCD Treated With Marching Therapy”

International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (IACAPAP)

Istanbul, Turkey (April 2008)

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