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Dr Turtoi completed both a medical and a psychology degree in Romania and graduated with honours. She trained in General Practice in Romania and worked in medical education in the physiology department of her alma mater.

Dr Turtoi moved to the UK in 2011 and she has focused on specialising in psychiatry ever since. She is a strong believer in using the bio-psycho-social model of care in patient interactions.


Due to her background, Dr Turtoi is keen to integrate her medical, psychiatric and psychological experience in the care she offers her patients.


Currently, she is completing a Clinical Certificate with the BAP (British Association for Psychopharmacology) and she is actively involved in research, as well as in medical eduction. Dr Turtoi is also a member of the ACAMH (Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health) and of the Balint Society. Dr Turtoi has an interest in the arts. She is a classically trained pianist and enjoys playing duets with her husband. She is a keen photographer and likes taking long walks in the countryside.


Dr Turtoi's GMC (General Medical Council) registration is 7181838. She was a fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Leadership and Management Fellowship Scheme for the year 2020-2021.

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Dr Nicoleta Turtoi MD MRCPsych

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

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Dr Nicoleta Turtoi is a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist who specialises in neurodevelopmental conditions (Autism and ADHD). She has also worked extensively in the NHS completing neurodevelopmental assessments for both children and adolescents.


She first worked with Dr Federico Campos (our Deputy Medical Director) from our team in Redbridge CAMHS, North East London Foundation Trust in 2015, after becoming a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych) before joining The Giaroli Centre as an Associate Specialist.

Dr Turtoi is one of our team's assessment specialists, and focuses on providing high quality assessments, and thereafter one of her colleagues at The Giaroli Centre will provide any ongoing care and treatment required.


Dr Turtoi’s areas of interest include ADHD, Autism, Tics & Tourette’s, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Anxiety disorders. She has worked in various neurodevelopmental clinics in the NHS and she has an interest in the diagnosis of Autism in children and adolescents with complex presentations. Dr Turtoi collaborates in a multi-disciplinary setting to deliver either the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (2nd edition) (ADOS-2) or the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) for detailed diagnoses of Autism where required.

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