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Professor Paul Gringras

Consultant in Paediatric Neurodisability and Sleep Medicine

Paul Gringras is Professor of Sleep Medicine, Kings College London and Consultant in Paediatric Neurodisability and Sleep Medicine, at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

He specialises in the fields of Paediatric Neurodisability and Paediatric Sleep Medicine. Sleep problems are very common in children and young people with Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and many other neurodevelopmental disorders. Improving the sleep, learning, behaviour and quality of life for these children and their families is strong focus of Professor Gringras’ work.

The sleep clinic he founded has a holistic approach that addresses behavioural, genetic and neurological causes of sleep disorder, in addition to commoner sleep related breathing problems. The clinic provides a National Narcolepsy service supporting over 200 children and young people with narcolepsy at present.

Professor Gringras lectures and runs workshops at national and international conferences. He has written over 70 peer reviewed papers, as well as book and book chapters. He holds research grants in the fields of Neurodisability and Sleep medicine. He lectures internationally and is the President of the International Pediatric Sleep Association (IPSA).

His studies include epidemiological work tracking sleep patterns in large numbers of UK children, then studying how sleep differs in those diagnosed with Autism and ADHD. He has conducted two of the world’s largest and longest trials of melatonin to improve sleep in children with Autism. He also conducted a randomised controlled trials of weighted blankets in Autism

He has co-developed novel tools to assess sleep-related learning in children (Sleepsuite), authored the MindEd tutorial on sleep difficulties and is currently researching whether a specially designed online sleep behavioural program can improve the sleep of children and young people with epilepsy.

Professor Gringras' UK General Medical Council (GMC) registration is 3124932.

Demarcation of NHS and Independent Work
Professor Gringras leads the Evelina Children’s Sleep Service, part of Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust. This is a busy specialist sleep unit seeing thousands of children with a range of sleep disorders and offering comprehensive diagnostics when required. There are strict criteria for which children and young people this service can see, and a long waiting list for some assessments. The referral criteria include the requirement for referrals to be made by the child’s NHS consultant Paediatrician or child and adolescent psychiatrist. It is important therefore to understand that seeing Professor Gringras in the private sector will neither exclude nor bypass, or shorten referral to this or any other NHS sleep service, and such a referral can still only be made by your child’s NHS consultant Paediatrician or child and adolescent psychiatrist.

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