Appointments are also being offered via secure video, including for new patients.



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It is your responsibility to ensure your level of cover is adequate. Your insurer will likely require a GP referral letter to be arranged in advance of your appointment with our clinic. You are responsible for any uninsured charges.

Appointment Fees

Other Fees & Info

Inside an appointment

Any required prescriptions will be free of charge if arranged during an appointment.


Outside of an appointment

£25 per prescription. 2 weeks notice is required for repeat prescriptions.


Fees / Insurance Information

Prescription Admin Charges

Additional Report: £200

e.g. school/university/employer


Interpreter & Translation Fees

Please contact us for fee info


Please note:

  • Our clinic does not offer Medicolegal reports

  • No VAT is payable on any fees or charges.


If you wish to either reschedule the time or date, or to cancel an appointment, then the following will apply:

- If 3 or more complete business days notice are given:   0% charge

- If less than 3 complete business days notice are given: 100% charge


Autism Diagnostic Tests

For details on our Reschedule & Cancellation Policy for diagnostic tests, please email for a copy.

Reschedule & Cancellation Policies

Initial Appointment

Includes pre-reading of background reports, 1 hour consultation and written report.


Follow-up Appointments (*)

At 70 Harley Street or via phone, Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

30 minutes.


60 min appointments are available and charged pro-rata.

Self Funding


If you are self-funding then no GP referral letter will be required and payment will be automatically taken from your registered debit/credit card.

Our clinic does not offer emergency appointments. In case of an emergency please contact your GP or nearest A&E Department.

Dr Campos does not accept insurance-funded appointments or diagnostic tests.

Autism - Formal Diagnostic Tests (Optional)

Autism Diagnostic Interview Test (ADI-R/3di)

(3 hour interview and detailed written report)


Autism Diagnostic Observation Test (ADOS-2)


Genome Sequencing Advanced Autism DNA Test

(Complete DNA analysis for Autism)

Dr Giaroli

Dr Spada

Dr Campos







Insurance Coverage


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Cigna UK & International

Healix UK & International


(*) A £40 fee applies to all review appointments being paid by a 3rd party (Insurer/Embassy/Employer) and is charged to the 3rd party. This covers your doctors time to provide them any required reports, justifications and prognosis.

During your first appointment your doctor will discuss with you if these optional tests might be suitable in your situation.

An alternative to medication for patients with ADHD, using revolutionary external trigeminal nerve stimulation (eTNS) technology.


Please enquire for details regarding our Early Access Program and suitability in you or your child's situation.

Drug-Free ADHD Treatment

Medication Predisposition - Optional Gene Testing

Pharmacogenomic Gene Testing                       £1,100

(Helps identify the most effective medication and reduce any side effects)

Self Funding